What it's all about

TRACAR provides a wide range of soutions.

Data Transmission





6 axes G-Sensor; serial ports, I/O Ports, 1-wire, OBD2, CAN-BUS


Tracar supports general tracking, OBD2 tracking and many more features to choose from. Pick you required device.

Tracar IP67

Water and dust proof

Tracar OBD2

OBD2 dongle

Tracar wired

4 versions


Generel features provided by Tracar

  • Live tracking

    Tracks every 15 seconds live to the Tracar Portal

  • Driver's logbook

    Detailed PDF export of all driven routes.

  • Monitoring of speed

    Tracar detects harsh driving, harsh cornering, flip overs and accidents.

  • Anti-theft protection

    Tracar recognizes if the car is leaving a geofence or if it is towed.

  • Hardware jamming detection

    All Tracar recognize the attempt to interrupt the connection by jamming transmitters.

  • Internal memory for 100.000 Logs

    In the case of a GSM funnel, a Tracar stores up to 100,000 track points internally. These will be transmitted to the portal on the next available GSM connection.

  • Battery monitoring

    Tracar monitors the state of the vehicle battery and can detect a battery defect in advance.

  • Records routes and speeds

    All collected data are stored and can be viewed and exported at any time in the Tracar portal.

  • Captures engine and ignition on/off

    The ignition and engine conditions are recognized and evaluated to create route lists.

  • E-Mail alerts

    The Tracar Portal sends messages about geofence violations or overspeedings to up to 4 e-mail addresses.

Tracar Portal

Our portal interface. Intuitive to use.

Route display for any time period.

Geofences in any form and quantity.

Device Status and Messages.

Exact track points, Live tracking, Setup of geofences, OBD data table, Reports as PDF, Excel, Word, etc. E-Mail + internal messages

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